Texas mom, 52, says people think she’s much younger, credits fitness routine

A super fit mother of three claims, at 52, that she’s in the best shape of her life — and people have taken notice.

The Mineola, Texas, mom and bikini model Lori Vick says she is flooded with praise and attention from both men and women who can’t believe her age and ask how she got in such great shape.

“I find most of the messages I receive are positive and complimentary, not inappropriate. I try to handle each one on a case by case basis, but I really try to respond or at least acknowledge each message I receive,” she said to the Daily Mail.

“For the most part people are intrigued that I am 52 thinking I am younger. But I will say that at age 52 it requires a lot more self-care than at younger ages so it is a constant effort to maintain a healthy appearance,” she added.

The certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach says she has always been athletic – running in half and full marathons throughout the years – and working as a trainer for more than 30 years. However, it was not until she decided to give bodybuilding a try in 2014 that she was able to sculpt her body into the impressive physique she has now. Vick has since competed in several competitions, placing first and second.

Vick said she maintains her body by working out five to six days a week and focusing on eating a “super clean” mostly plant-based diet and avoiding gluten and all fast food.

“I have always been very naturally athletic so [fitness] came much easier to me than most. As I have gotten older it is no longer ‘easier’ for me,” she said.

“What has worked for me over a lifetime of fitness has been the three Ds — discipline, determination and dedication,” said Vick to the Daily Mail.

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