Here are the best cities with career opportunities during the coronavirus recession

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant job loss across the country, but some places have better job opportunities than others, according to a recent study.

On Thursday, SmartAsset published a report that found which metro areas have the most career opportunities during the pandemic, and the recession it caused.

For its report, the financial planning website compared the 200 largest metro areas in the U.S. based on seven measurements including unemployment rate, change in employment from 2019 to 2020, median income and income growth over career.

SmartAsset also analyzed cities’ annual median housing costs, number of career counselors per 1,000 workers and the number of post-secondary teachers per 1,000 workers.

The report used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

According to the report, the Northeast didn’t have many cities that ranked highly. In fact, only three metro areas made it to the top 25 and no Northeastern city made it to the top 15.

SmartAsset also reported that Las Vegas was at the very bottom of the list of 200 cities.

“The local economy relies heavily on the nightlife, entertainment and hospitality industries, making the locale much more vulnerable to a COVID-19 recession,” SmartAsset reported about Las Vegas.

To see which cities made the top of the list — and what their median incomes and unemployment rates were in May — here are the 10 metro areas with the best career opportunities during the coronavirus recession, according to WalletHub.

10. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Arizona

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 8.3%.

Median Income: $39,420.

9. Tucson, Arizona

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 8.4%.

Median Income: $36,900.

8. Boulder, Colorado

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 8.2%.

Median Income: $51,520.

7. Tallahassee, Florida

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 8.7%.

Median Income: $36,130.

6. Provo-Orem, Utah

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 6.2%.

Median Income: $35,950.


5. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 10%.

Median Income: $40,370.

4. Lincoln, Nebraska

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 5.0%.

Median Income: $38,890.

3. Gainesville, Florida

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 8.7%..

Median Income: $36,530.

2. Huntsville, Alabama

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 7.6%.

Median Income: $41,090.

1. College Station-Bryan, Texas

May 2020 Unemployment Rate: 8.6%.

Median Income: $35,880.

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