$2K Bottega Veneta clutch that looks like dog poop bag

It’s a fashion doo-doo.

Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta is getting roasted over its $2,200 woven leather clutch — because it resembles a waste bag for dog poop.

The haute crap-ture comes in a “soft sack shape with handle that looks casually knotted and slips around the wrist” and in a variety of colors, including black, indigo and “zabaione,” the luxury brand says on its website.

But some mocked it for looking more like an unfashionable bag of feces.

“I was browsing online joking about the cost of designer bags — and nearly spat out my tea when I saw this one that was pricey and ridiculous,” Andrea Smith, 27, from London, told the UK’s Sun. “I am a dog owner myself so spend a lot of time down the dog park. When I saw the model with Bottega Veneta bag on her hand I laughed out loud.”

She added, “It reminded me of my friend casually knotting the extra large poop bags she needs to buy for her giant Great Pyrenees Barry as she heads to the bin.” continue reading

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