Cheap ways to dehumidify your house during the summer months

Having a comfortable home doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are a lot of reasons to keep a house from developing too much moisture. Aside from preventing mold and mildew from growing, it’s also more comfortable to live in a house with proper humidity levels (especially during the warmer months).

According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s best to keep the humidity level in a house between 30-to-50 percent. Homeowners can use a hygrometer to measure humidity levels in each room of their house.

Dehumidifying a house may not seem like a big deal, but not everyone may be able to afford to go out and buy a good dehumidifier and keep it running all season long. While these devices can be very effective, there are other things homeowners can do to prevent moisture for a lot less.

One of the simplest ways to dehumidify a home is to prevent moisture from building up in the first place. Homeowners should check for cracks in the walls and ensure that the house has adequate drainage outside, Home Advisor reports.

Another option homeowners can use is to simply vent the house, especially problem areas. It’s recommended to regularly open doors and windows in rooms that may be susceptible to humidity. It’s also a good idea to use a fan to promote circulation during summer.

In winter, if it is possible, use dry heating sources. A wood-burning stove or a space heater will create less moisture than other heating systems. Of course, this may not feasible in all homes, so focus on keeping houses ventilated, by using fans in especially problematic areas and use calcium chloride powder, which can absorb moisture, when necessary.

Other places to watch around the house are the laundry room and bathroom. It’s a bad idea to leave wet or damp clothes sitting a hamper, as fabrics can take a long time to dry. Shower curtains can also hold moisture, so it’s recommended to stretch out shower curtains after using them to ensure faster drying. continue reading

source:Fox News

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