Man opens Nike box to discover ‘dozens’ of live worms inside: ‘Immediate gagging’

People talk about opening a can of worms, but what about a whole box?

A New York City man claimed that a package of clothes from Nike he received this week had “dozens” of live worms inside.

“To my surprise and immediate gagging were dozens of worms – yes. Freaking worms,” Ben Smithee wrote in a Facebook post. “Alive. Crawling on the clothes and in their individual plastic bags.”

Smithee, who described himself as “a super Nike fanboy,” said he had ordered three items which were stacked inside the box. He claimed he found worms in between each layer and inside the items’ individual bags, estimating there were 25-30 worms.

“The package was taped closed and not damaged so those bad boys were on there from the go and did not get in during shipping,” he wrote.

Smithee added that he’d tried to get a refund or exchange from Nike, but the company wanted him to send the items back. He wrote that he didn’t want to go to the post office in a pandemic to send back clothes with worms.

A Nike spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to questions from Fox News.

The worms may have been mealworms which grow into beetles, the New York Post reported.

Smithee wrote that he had “dewormed” and washed the clothes on “sanitize super COVID mode.”

He told the Post that he also threw away the box and packaging immediately in case there was any “worm residue” or eggs.

“I was so shocked and trying not to add vomit on top of the situation,” he told the Post.

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