Traveler loses $4K at Dallas airport, gets it back after custodian finds it on bench hours later

He’s lucky he got it back. You could buy, like, 10 bottles of water at the airport’s gift shop with that kind of scratch!

A traveler passing through Dallas Love Field last weekend has been reunited with an envelope full of cash — $4,000, to be exact — after it unknowingly fell from his pocket before he left the airport.

The man, who would only identify himself as “Larry” to CBS DFW, said he shoved the envelope into his pocket before boarding a flight from Phoenix to Dallas last weekend for a quick trip with his family. But after landing, he somehow managed to rip the pocket of his shorts in the airport, and the entire envelope slid out.

Worse yet, Larry didn’t realize the money was gone until hours later.

Larry called up the airport as soon as he realized he no longer had the cash, but he didn’t expect anyone to return an envelope containing $4,000.

However, after what was probably a sleepless night, the man was contacted by Sandra Perkins, a custodian at Dallas Love Field, with good news: She found the envelope on a bench, where it was likely sitting for “multiple hours” before she picked it up, CBS DFW reported.

“We applaud Sandra Perkins for displaying tremendous ethics and excellence in her work,” a spokesperson for the airport said in a statement shared with Fox News. “Our commitment to customer services drives everything we do at Dallas Love Field and this is just yet another example why customers repeatedly choose us as one of the best airports in North America. It is our people that make DAL great.”

Perkins, meanwhile, told her local news that she returned the money because her heart told her it “was the right thing to do.” Continue Reading

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