Shop the Heron Preston and Calvin Klein Collection That Drops Today

For his eponymous label’s spring 2021 collection, Heron Preston delivered us a departure from his signature bold, graphic-embellished pieces. It was a collection that was pared-down, elevated, and cerebral with modern takes on wardrobe staples and polished workwear pieces. And then again at his fall 2021 menswear collection, he kept at it—the clothes offered an air of simplicity and directness that almost served as a prelude to his well-anticipated Calvin Klein collection.

Today, Heron Preston and Calvin Klein’s collection drops online, with a plethora of careful wardrobe staples like the perfect white T-shirt, hoodies and sweatpants, carpenter jeans, and of course, underwear. “I wanted to embrace the brand’s DNA while also creating a collection that was real, unexpected, and personal—a re-contextualization of the brand, with my spin,” says Preston. “Designing the collection started with exploring Calvin Klein’s archive and revisiting some of those classic styles and cuts. I’m a very visual person, so being able to play with colors and fabrics within the archive was a dream. I wanted to respect that history, and at the same time, make sure the collection felt modern and relevant.”

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