Fenty Beauty: How make-up helped Rihanna become a billionaire

When Rihanna released her single …Better Have My Money in 2015, you might have thought she was talking about royalties from No.1 hits like We Found Love or Diamonds.

But it’s the income she makes from her Fenty Beauty cosmetics company that was largely responsible for her officially becoming a billionaire last week.

Rihanna, 33, launched Fenty Beauty in 2017 in a partnership with luxury goods company LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

Radio 1 Newsbeat has been speaking to beauty experts to find out the secrets to Fenty’s massive success.

‘Diversity with no barriers up’

Rihanna said the aim of Fenty was to appeal to “every type of woman” with “all skin tones”.

“In every product I was like: ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be something in-between,'” she told Refinery29 in 2017.

That commitment is what stands out for beauty writer Jessica Morgan.

“Rihanna’s approached diversity with no barriers up. She ensured there were plenty of ranges across the board that were accessible to everyone,” the 28-year-old says.

Fenty foundation is now offered in 50 shades and has led to the so-called “Fenty effect” where rival brands broadened their shade ranges for make-up products.

Jessica uses foundation from the range, and says though it shouldn’t have felt like it at the time, it was “revolutionary” when it launched in 2017.

“I was able to find the exact shade match to my skin, which has been the bane of my life since I was born,” she says.

“There are other brands who have championed diversity, but this was something fresh that Fenty really brought on.” BBC

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